driRun – virtual sailing simulator

driRun is the world’s first professional, virtual sailing simulator. Specifically, driRun is a state of the art physics engine (dynamic velocity prediction program VPP) driving high fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models. The physics engine is interfaced using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to immerse the pilot firmly inside the sailing simulation.

For a given set of environmental inputs driRun’s engine simulates yacht and sailing performance, state and forces several times per second. All of the data is served back to the user in real time just like the instrument system on a real yacht. The driRun sailing simulator also leverages the virtual yacht’s database for replays, scenario building and professional performance analysis.

driRun schematic1

What are the benefits of sailing simulation?

driRun’s technology is focused on two key areas, accurate physical modeling and an authentic user experience. By accurately capturing yacht performance and pilot response we are able to unlock immense value for sailors, engineers and their programs. Critically sailors and engineers now can speak a common language and capture the winning edge before they build their boats.

  • Sailor race training and development in a risk free controlled environment
  • Technique, tactics, race strategy and playbook development with the coaching staff
  • Sailor led development program – long before launching the boat
  • Engineering team access to sailor driven loads, performance data and insights
  • Equipment and component testing at the correct scale
  • Capturing complex yacht dynamics and testing pilot reactions e.g. drag vs hydro foil stability
  • Mechanical and control system modeling and testing
  • Hardware & software development and tuning