Oracle Team USA Professional Sailor Kinley Fowler tries driRun

Posted on Apr 15, 2014

driRun is the world’s first professional sailing simulator. Unlike aviation and motorsport, until now there have been no genuine sailing simulators. We built driRun to allow the pros to prepare for the 2017 America’s Cup in a similar fashion to their Formula One counterparts.

Over the past several weeks we have been demoing driRun to the world’s best sailors – America’s Cup professionals. Today it was Oracle Team USA trimmer Kinley Fowler’s turn to step inside a virtual world and experience driRun via the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Kinley seemed pretty stoked with the demo, commenting that “it is just like being on board” and he immediately saw the huge value in being able to race in a risk free controlled environment. Like any good trimmer he was straight down under the sails to make sure he had just the right amount of trim, and then focusing on reaching the max speed record.

Just like the real AC45 catamaran you can capsize this boat if you push too hard – how many capsizes today? Well that would be telling!

Thanks for the feedback Kinley!

Kinley Fowler tries driRun sail simulator